WS 2014/15:

Dimitris Papanastasiou "Devices and studies on ion optics, trapping and mobility"11/03/2015

Birgit Schabinger "Results with the new e-gun"02/03/2015

Stefan Knauer "The Les Houches Winter school"02/03/2015

Stephan König "Latest results from ClusterTrap: electron ejection from Penning trap by resonant axial excitation"23/02/2015

Stephan König "optimum lengths of drift lines inside a reflectron"05/02/2015

Christian Droese "The masses of nobelium and lawrencium isotopes, the mass difference between 180W and 180Hf, and a characterization of the future cryogenic stopping cell of the online mass spectrometer SHIPTRAP"29/01/2015

Madlen Müller "Simulation of the fullerene ion source of the PES at Rostock"12/01/2015

Markus Wolfram "Operation modes of the Kron-Hite frquency filter"22/12/2014

Stephan König "ToF measurements at EBIT (simulation and calculation)"22/12/2014

Madlen Müller "Die thermoelektrische Kraft"15/12/2014

Marco Rosenbusch "Overcoming the MR-ToF space charge limit”25/10/2014

Dimitri Papanastasiou (video conf. from GSI) "(a) FasmaTech ( (b) New development in DMS"10/11/2014

Stefan Knauer "Stability diagram measurements for a ring trap"20/10/2014

Madlen Müller, Steffi Bandelow "Correlated processes in size-selected stored clusters"06/10/2014

SS 2014:

Renko Kensbock "Investigation of “lifetime” of ions in a 3D Paul trap"29/09/2014

Mark Derksen "RISE internship project summary “Simulation of an e- separator for the PES apparatus”"11/08/2014

Dirk Weidermann "Theoretische Untersuchung zur radialen Stabilität einer Neonentladung "28/07/2014

Anneliese Hablutzel "Optimization of an RF ring ion trap "28/07/2014

Madlen Müller "Status of the PES experiment "21/07/2014

Holger Niemann "PAX Status report "08/07/2014

Stefan Knauer "Optimization of Ring-Trap parameters "15/07/2014

Holger Niemann "PAX Status report "08/07/2014

Marco Rosenbusch "How to choose the right uncertainty on ToF spectra "30/06/2014

Eve Stenson "Phosphor screen behaviour with e+ and e- "23/06/2014

Elena Thiessen "Absorbtion and scattering of infrared light by charged coated dielectric particles "02/06/2014

Franklin Martinez "Modelling the polyanion production "26/05/2014

Stefan Knauer "Ar+ in a ring trap "12/05/2014

Marco Rosenbusch "The sources and wiring of the AC and DC voltages of the Paul trap at the HGW MR-ToF MS "28/04/2014

Albert Vass "FT-ICR preamplifiers at ClusterTrap "22/04/2014

Dirk Weidermann "The ADC-NIM module at the data acquisition of the Paul trap "14/04/2014

Holger Niemann "e-/e+ interaction with phosphor screen "14/04/2014

Albert Vass "Introduction to CS ClusterTrap "07/04/2014

WS 2013/14:

Marco Rosenbusch "News on a two-frequency ion trap"28/02/2014

Martin Klemann "Report on OConnor et al., A self-made tunable resonance circuit with amplifier for RF ion guides and traps"21/02/2014

Franklin Martinez "Improvements of potential-lift pulsing at Clustertrap"31/01/2014

Steffi Bandelow "First observation of nona- & deca-anions and electron attachment as a function of time"31/01/2014

Marco Rosenbusch "A two-frequency ion trap confining ions with widely different charge-to-mass ratios"31/01/2014

Steffi Bandelow "Clustertrap news, first observation of hexa-, hepta- and okta-anions"27/01/2014

Andreas Langenberg "Cluster investigations with linear RFQ trap at BESSY"27/01/2014

Birgit Schabinger "Gamma-ray detector calibration"13/12/2013

Marco Rosenbusch "LPC-trap at GANIL"15/11/2013

SS 2013:

Marco Rosenbusch "Simulation of ultra-cold plasmas"20/09/2013

Franklin Martinez "Determination of the ClusterTrap mass limit"20/09/2013

Christian Breitenfeldt "Investigation of radiative cooling of small metal cluster anions by laser-induced electron detachments"13/09/2013

Steffi bandelow "1st production of trianionic gold clusters in RFQ2, operated as a 3S-DIT"29/08/2013

Anh Phan"Internship summary"27/08/2013

Steffi Bandelow "Report from ECAMP11 at Aarhuss"22/08/2013

Franklin Martinez "Report from the mass spectrometry meeting at St. Petersburg"14/08/2013

Nontavit "Photo spectroscopy and simulation of the trapping stability of anionic fullerenes"14/08/2013

Rita Buhlman "Intership summary"250/07/2013

Stefan Knauer "Construction of a ring trap"25/07/2013

Madlen Mueller "Photoelectron Angular Distribution (PAD)"16/07/2013

Franklin Martinez "Electron attachment to trapped clusters for poly-anion production"11/07/2013

Steffi Bandelow "Skip the beat trapping mode"11/07/2013

Robert Wolf "ISOLTRAP’s MR-ToF MS"14/06/2013

Marco Rosenbusch "Energy transfer between ion clouds in multi-reflection ion trapss"14/06/2013

Madlen Mueller "How do half-wave plates work?"14/06/2013

Gerrit Marx "Safety instructions"30/05/2013

Franklin Martinez "m/z changes in a Penning Trap "16/05/2013

Madlen Mueller "Status of the I- measurement at HRO"02/05/2013

Franklin Martinez "ClusterTrap News"25/04/2013

Stefan Knauer "measuring the energy distribution of clusters from a magnetron source "16/04/2013

Marco Rosenbusch "Multiple accumulations of preseparated ions in a Penning Trap "16/04/2013

Steffi Bandelow "The Graduiertenakademie in Greifswald"08/04/2013

WS 2012/2013:

Albert Vass "Report from the CS Workshop at GSI"28/03/2013

Franklin Martinez: "Production of polyanionic clusters" 11/03/2013

Franklin Martinez: "e-gun relocation at ClusterTrap & 1st detection of Aun4- " 11/03/2013

Franklin Martinez: "Coulomb barriers for 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-electron emission from polyanionic conducting spheres " 04/03/2013

Frank Wienholtz: "Nuclear magic numbers - The shell modell" 21/01/2013

Albert Vass: "Setup and status of the microsphere trap" 14/01/2013

Marco Rosenbusch: "PIPERADE meeting and SIMCO at MPIK" 11/12/2012

Stephan Gierke: "The Greifswald EBIT" 10/12/2012

Robert Wolf: Test talk FUNTRAP meeting: "First on-line application of a multi-reflection electrostatic ion trap for isobaric purification of exotic beams" 29/11/2012

Christian Droese: "Recent developments at SHIPTRAP" 22/11/2012

Marco Rosenbusch: Test talk PIPERADE meeting 21/11/2012

Christian Droese: "Cryo cell at GSI" 19/11/2012

Robert Wolf: "Setup and application of the ISOLTRAP multi-reflection time-of-flight mass analyzer" 15/11/2012

Franklin Martinez: PhD defense: "Investigation of Atomic Clusters in Ion Traps" 02/11/2012

SS 2012:

Stephan Knauer: Master defense: "Nachweis von Clustern mit einer RFQ/ToF-MS-Kombination" 29/09/2012

Lutz Schweikhard: "Mini report on stay at RIKEN and Int. Mass Spectrom Conf. at Kyoto" 28/09/2012

Marco Rosenbusch: "Direct observation of ion dynamics in MR-ToF" 21/09/2012

Franklin Martinez: "Non-destructive ion detection at ClusterTrap" 14/09/2012

Steffi Bandelow: "Update on dianion production at linear RFQ trap @ CT" 24/08/2012

Birgit Schabinger: "Könneker: „Wissenschaft kommunizieren“ & Seminar Lorraine Mannion: „Academic writing“" 07/08/2012

Marco Rosenbusch: "Recent SIMCO-excitation developments (including on-line measurements)" 16/07/2012

Madlen Müller: "First steps towards PES on Fullerenes at Rostock" 09/07/2012

Steffi Bandelow: "Measurement of DIT stability diagrams of a Paul trap" 23/04/2012

Stephan Gierke: "Semiconductor X-ray detectors" 10/04/2012

WS 2011/2012:

Steffi Bandelow: "DIT stability diagrams" 22/03/2012

Gerrit Marx: "Access to the groupware" 15/03/2012

Steffi Bandelow: "Multianion breading in a linear Paul trap" 08/03/2012

Christian breitenfeldt: "News from CTF" 27/02/2012

Albert Vass: "starting-currents of tranformers" 20/02/2012

Albert Vass: "The WIN7 configuration" 09/01/2012

Martin Breitenfeldt: "News from WITCH at ISOLDE/CERN" 19/12/2011

Maria Lubs: "Anion production in a Paul trap" 12/12/2011

Franklin Martinez: "The penta anion production" 05/12/2011

Berit Gewert "Ein Gasmischsystem fuer den Paulfallen-ToF-Praktikumsversuch" 25/11/2011

Birgit Schabinger: "The cold (vacuum) leak at EBIT" 21/11/2011

Gerrit Marx "The ISCAN in Richmond" 14/11/2011

Marco Rosenbusch: "Simultaneous application of a dipolar and a quadruploar excitation" 07/11/2011

Steffi Bandelow: "CID of Au+ clusters at ClusterTrap" 01/11/2011

Albert Vass: "Large Carbon Cluster Anions Generated by Laser Ablation of Graphene" 24/10/2011

Steffi Bandelow: "DIT measurements" 17/10/2011

SS 2011:

Marco Rosenbusch: "Simulations of Coulomb interaction for MR-ToF devices" 20/05/2011

R.B. Carkirli (MPIK): "FT-ICR an deltaVpn experiments" 16/05/2011

Albert Vass: "Charged-droplet production" 10/05/2011

Frank Wienholtz: "Alignment of the SUMA vacuum tube and the assembly of the new cylindrical Penning trap" 26/04/2011

Rosemarie Maugsch: "Tof-resolution optimisation on the Paul-ToF-apparatus" (defense of bachelor thesis) 05/04/2011

Steffi Bandelow: "Summary of the S3C meeting at Davos" 05/04/2011

WS 2010/2011:

Frank Wienholtz: "Magnetic field measuremnts at the new 12T magnet" 28/03/2011

Robert Wolf: "First application of a multi-reflection time-of-flight mass separator to radioactive beams" 15/03/2011

Staphan Gierke: "Report on ion motion in Paul trap - theory vs. experiment (cont.)" 10/03/2011

Birgit Schabinger: "g-factor measurements of bound electrons at 10E-10 level" 08/03/2011

Robert Wolf: "Design of a Paul trap-MR-ToF-MS apparatus" 23/02/2011

Rosemarie Maugsch: "Tof-resolution optimisation on the Paul-ToF-apparatus – bachelor thesis status report" 08/02/2011

Staphan Gierke: "Particle tracing trap - status report" 21/01/2011

Dr. M. Froese (MPIK): "Cluster experiments with the CTF and CSR" 18/01/2011

Marco Rosenbusch: "Simultaneous excitation of dipolar and quadrupolar rf-signals in Penning-Traps" 13/01/2011

Martin Arndt: "Experimental results from the magnetron cluster source" 07/01/2011

Martin Breitenfeldt: "News from the WITCH project at ISOLDE/CERN" 22/12/2010

Falk Ziegler: "Travel report [National Instruments "Virtuelle Instrumente in der Praxis" (VIP) meeting]" 12/11/2010

Steffi Bandelow: "Studies of extreme Paul-trap ellipticity (theory vs. experiment)" 11/10/2010

SS 2010:

Madlen Müller: "Results at the octupolar trap" 20/09/2010

Frank Wienholtz: "Report on numerical optimization and construction of a new cylindrical Penning trap" 25/08/2010

Alexander Walter: "Elliptical Paul Trap summary" 18/08/2010

Christian Droese: "Report of recent SHIPTRAP activities" 09/08/2010

Shane White: "Long term gravitational compensation measurements in the demo trap" 02/08/2010

Rosemarie Maugsch: "Results from the modifed Paul-Tof apparatus" 27/07/2010

Shane White: "LabVIEW program for automated gravity compensation in Demo Traps" 20/07/2010

Franklin Martinez: "Axial excitation of electrons - Results of ClusterTrap measurements" 12/07/2010

Maximilian Gruber: "Comparison of two MCP detectors at the ClusterTrap apparatus" 05/07/2010

Stefan Knauer: "Optimization of the magnetron sputter source" 29/06/2010

Franklin Martinez: "ClusterTrap measurements" 21/06/2010

Steffi Bandelow: "Overview about the last measurements - Ellipticity studies (2nd part)" 14/06/2010

Frank Wienholtz: "Plasmapolymerisation von Ethylendiamin (EDA) in kapazitiv gekoppelten Hochfrequenzentladungen (diploma defense talk)" 07/06/2010

Frank Wienholtz: "New software tool for evaluation of (tof-) spectra" 31/05/2010

Steffi Bandelow: "Overview about the last measurements - Ellipticity studies" 25/05/2010

Frank Wienholtz: "Travel report [GSI, Heidelberg]" 10/05/2010

Stefan Knauer: "First ToF measurements from the Magnetron Source" 03/05/2010

Stephan Gierke: "Particle tracing in ion traps" 26/04/2010

Steffi Bandelow: "Results from DP-excitation measurements at the ClusterTrap buncher" 06/04/2010

WS 2009/2010:

Franklin Martinez: "Appearance size of AL_n^2- and production of Al_n^3- at ClusterTrap" 22/03/2010

Lutz Schweikhard: "The GAMBIT experiment: first results (DPG Hannover)" 22/03/2010

Martin Arndt: "The ADIT (asymmetric digital ion trap) Simulations and calculations" 19/03/2010

Albert Vass: "The new ClusterTrap setup" 08/03/2010

Franklin Martinez: "ClusterTrap measurements" 01/03/2010

Franklin Martinez: "A new Linear Fan in / Fan out Module " 19/02/2010

Falk Ziegler: "The FPGA and the CS framework" /12/02/2010

Falk Ziegler: "A New Time Pattern Generator for ClusterTrap" 08/02/2010

Prof. Dieter Gerlich: "Carbon structures in low and high temperature ion traps" 29/01/2010

Albert Vass: "The New Cylindrical Demo Trap" 25/01/2010

Dr. Ehlbeck (INP): "Laser spectroscopy (CERS) of microparticles" 18/01/2010

Steffi Bandelow: "Hot Clusters in a Split Ring Paul Trap (PhD thesis of Silvio Decker (2009))" 15/01/2010

Franklin Martinez: "Update on recent progress at ClusterTrap" 11/01/2010

Stephan Gierke: "Status report on tracking of particle motion in DemoTrap" 04/01/2010

Marco Rosenbusch, Robert Wolf: "Status report of the assembling of the isobar separator at CERN " 18/12/2009

Gerrit Marx: "The trappers activities at Greifswald (for bachelor students) " 12/12/2009

Marco Rosenbusch: "Simulations on "inverse Ramsey" quadrupole excitation" 23/11/2009

Falk Ziegler: "Photodesorption from MetalClusters" 16/11/2009

Franklin Martinez: "Resonant X-ray absorptionspectroscopy " 16/11/2009

Franklin Martinez, Falk Ziegler: "Report about the Cluster-Treffen at Herzogenhorn 2009" 13/11/2009

Albert Vass: "Simulation on ClusterTrap ion extraction" 06/11/2009

Marco Rosenbusch: "Report about the summerschool in LEUVEN" 16/10/2009

Albert Vass: "GIANT molecules in a Penning trap" 12/10/2009

SS 2009

Christian Breitenfeldt: "SHIPTRAP beamtime report" 29/09/2009

Martin Breitenfeldt: "Massmeasurements at ISOLTRAP" 28/08/2009

Martin Arndt: "Status of the mobile Paul trap system" 28/08/2009

Connor Behan : "SWIFT with LabVIEW" 18/08/2009

Christian Breitenfeldt : "The Paul-ToF Experiment" 11/08/2009

Franklin Martinez : "A step to understanding stepping motors" 28/07/2009

Nicole Koenig, Stefan Gierke: "Optical Analysis of Ion Trajectories in a Paultrap " 14/07/2009

Robert Wolf: "The Electrostatic Trap Workshop in Aarhus" 07/07/2009

Falk Ziegler: "Laser spectroscopy and cooling of Os- in a Penning trap" 10.1103/PhysRevLett.102.043001" 23/06/2009

Steffi Bandelow: "Radial excitation in a Paultrap" 16/06/2009

Albert Vass: "Properties of MCPs and Channeltrons" 09/06/2009

Christian Breitenfeldt: "Status of the Paul-ToF measurements" 02/06/2009

Robert Wolf: "The Isobarseparator for ISOLTRAP" 12/05/2009

Falk Ziegler: "Photoinduced transitions in atomic physics: The dependence on the polarization of the light?" 12/05/2009

Franklin Martinez: "Multipole Ion Trap as Cluster-Ion Source" Jap. (J. Appl. Phys. 46 (2007) 4312, DOI:10.1143/JJAP.46.4312) 28/04/2009

Robert Wolf: "rf trap geometries including Multipole Ion Traps" 14/04/2009

Christian Breitenfeldt:"First results of the PaulToF optimization" 14/04/2009

Albert Vass: "Andreas Kürten: Dissertation on Aerosol ion trap mass spectrometer, 2007, Mainz" 07/04/2009

WS 2008/2009:

Martin Arndt: "The digital ion trap DIT" 26/03/2009

Christian Breitenfeldt:"Optimierung einer Paulfallen-ToF-Apparatur" 19/03/2009

Albert Vass: "The Ion buncher at ClusterTrap" 06/03/2009

Albert Vass: "The Ion bender at ClusterTrap" 23/02/2009

Steffi Bandelow: "Untersuchungen an einer Paulfalle, Teil 3" 23/02/2009

Steffi Bandelow: " Untersuchungen an einer Paulfalle, Teil 2, 05/02/2009

Steffi Bandelow: "Untersuchung radialer Resonanzen in einer Paulfalle"21/01/2009

Christian Breitenfeldt: "Anwendung der Penningfalle in Clusterforschung und Massenspektrometrie" 20/01/2009

Marco Rosenbusch: "Simulations of cooling processes with different excitations" 20/01/2009

Steffi Bandelow: "Extraktionstechniken an der Paulfalle"15/01/2009

Nicole Koenig/Stephan Gierke: "Investigation of ion trajectories in Paul traps" 12/12/2008

Martin Arndt: "Simulation zur Optimierung der Fluegelgeometrie im Quadrupole Ion Buncher" (04/12/2008)

Robert Wolf: "Ion-optical simulations of potential lift in multi ToF and Paul-trap ToF" (20/11/2008)

Dr. Franz X. Bronold (EMAU): "Microscoping model of particle charging" PRL 101, 175002 (2008) ( )(13/11/2008)

Christian Breitenfeldt: "The Penning trap"(29/10/2008)

Noelle Walsh: "Cluster anion production"(23/10/2008)

Sudarshan Baruah: "Octupolar excitation"(16/10/2008)

Marco Rosenbusch: "Status report on the start of simulations of an ion cloud in a Penning trap" (10/10/2008)